Friday, December 28, 2012

Put Your Festive Shoes On

Christmas lights are on, christmas stockings are hung over the fireplace, the house smells food 24/7 and I bet you have already decided what your New Year's Eve outfit will be. But what about the shoes? According to my experience as a fashion lover/observer, there are three types of women choosing one of the following shoe styles; the one that stands for the timeless value of a black pair; the other that roots for some splash of color to cheer up the whole outfit, and the one that considers black too predictable, inventing in that way a new classic, the neutral pair.
I guess everybody owns a pair of black stillettos, but there is always room for another one, right? Thin or thick, these heels will be the spine of every possible outfit, making you look sophisticated and elegant no matter the circumstances. If you don't have one, go get it.
Bold colors and leopard designs have been my favorites ever since I was a child, peeking at my mum's shoe boxes. They all look great and I have to admit that these purple pairs have stolen my heart for good. Color blocking or spicing up your lbd, it's a choice you'll make depending on your mood. I always go for the leopard pairs, old habits die hard, you see.
And, last but not least, the king of it all; golden hues seem to have stolen the crown from black, as these neutral beauties look good no matter the season. You don't have to worry about the outfit as they look good even with the craziest ones. The Casadei one looks perfect, doesn't it?

Which team are you in?

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas World

People in our lives come and go. We come and go into other people's lives. Being a deeply sentimental person I have always considered living away from the ones you love quite of a tragedy.
But life plays the weirdest of games, and suddenly most of my beloved ones live in another city, even in another country. Skype is a great ally, but -too bad- cyber hugs are yet to be invented. What I hate the most, is that my sentimentalism is undercover, and I'm a good actress, behaving in the "Nevermind" way. In my life, I have been really blessed to be surrounded by unique people, people that I considered precious, even if they proved me wrong. Old friends, family members, acquaintances and past relationships, they all gave me the best of lessons; you are the one who is going to accompany you for a lifetime, as all of them step away in an instant. Let people come to you, talk to them, love them or hate them, just be real and never hurt one. That is always appreciated.
Love your past, as it defines you. Show your feelings. Fall in traps. Live your life to the fullest. I used to be trapped a lot of times in the past, but I continue to appreciate those people and love them even if they are gone. If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be the person I am today. Make mistakes, but do them once, twice tops. Then learn. And again. 

Happiness lies in the spur of the moment. Its not a way of life, like it is projected by the media. We are supposed to feel sad in order to be happy, and we have to cry to appreciate laughter. Love the people who are there for you and never prove them wrong; life will give you back the same. Don't wait for tomorrow, your life is today. Hug your mum (I never do and I feel so guilty at times), kiss your dad and show them that you are by their side. Tell the ones that love you at your worst "Thank you for being so patient with my shitty self'' and be someone's reason to smile. Excuse my Coelho self, but you just feel like family. Tonight, give a big kiss to your loved ones and show them your love, even without saying it. I bet you have your ways.

Happy Christmas, 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Latest Purchase

I used to be one of these messy girls who had a plethora of whatever-you-may-imagine in their closets, shoe boxes etc. Specifically about shoes I had grey gladiators, leopard peep-toes, suede boots, and whatever you may name. But I always lacked of these basic pairs, like a classic and easy to walk pair of black pumps. During the past two years I have totally replaced black shoes with leopard ones, just because they seem to add that extra half an inch in most of my single-colored outfits need. What is more, it is becoming easier to find the craziest designs you may imagine, rather that finding a proper simple lined one, for these times that you just wanna walk on the safe side.
12cm heel -walkable enough- bought at Spartoo.Gr
Some time ago, I have surely mentioned that I live in a small town that offers no shopping facilities for extra picky customers like me. I mean, there are many shops but the quality and designs offered do not look appropriate for my taste, as I always pay more attention to the quality rather than the price; especially when it has to do with my feet, the part of me that has the role of carrying the whole weight of me.  Our feet deserve the best of choices, and Spartoo.Gr has been my saviour -once again. Being a full-time teacher I seriously lack the time to visit my favorite shoe shops in my beautiful Thessaloniki, and what is better that ordering something on-line and waiting for the UPS Santa to bring it right at your door? Nine West is one of my favorite brands, as it offers great classic designs, in an array of quality materials, in really affordable prices. What will be your choice.

Start preparing your Christmas outfits, lovelies!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Nike For the Win

Ever since I've opened my blog, I never failed to mention Nike as my favorite sports brand. It's the soft materials that hug your body, keeping it warm or cool -depending on the circumstances-, it's the amazing designs that underline your fashionable ego even when sweaty, and last but most important of all the shoes that fit like a glove. Nike is a synonym for quality, concerning sportswear and no objection can be raised. My personal favorite, the certain brand keeps me on my toes, making me run that extra mile on the treadmill, just because my new pair of shoes keeps me motivated. Well, my new I-pod list is certainly a nice reason, too.
all images are property of Spartoo.Gr
This time I am not going to talk about shoes, as Spartoo.Gr launched some Nike clothes as well, like colorful tops, puffy jackets that can keep you warm on those windy winter days and cozy hoodies for men and women. Have I ever mentioned how much I love men in hoodies? Quality sportswear does not only last longer than a cheaper choice, but is also made from pure materials that keep away bacteria and germs. Not to mention their great range of accessories, like these gym totes that look really good, not only on the way to the gym, but also when you are out and about doing your errands. 
 all images are property of Spartoo.Gr

Have a great snowy day,
exercise and get some extra Vitamin C.
Christmas is close.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Gift Ideas by Accessorize

What a wonderful way for your week to begin! Half an hour after a harsh Monday morning wake up, the Speedex guy (that I consider something like my personal Santa, along with the UPS one), called me to inform that I had a goodie bag from Accessorize, which included the Christmas catalogues in deluxe edition and some Christmas decorations that look really cute on my Christmas tree. Either it is your sister, your best friend or maybe your baby pet, there's an array of choices; smart presents, amazing jewellery, and many many girlie stocking fillers. 

Always stay kids at heart,
big kiss!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Guess by Marciano F/W Collection

Every season, the same old story; "I only need a pair of black pumps, nothing really fancy", and in the following shopping session, the plethora of amazing choices, colors and patterns keeps us away from our shopping goals. There is always a divine purple pair that will look perfect combined with your grey peg trousers, or a pair of caramel booties that will look oh-so-good with your cream chunky sweater. And, ok, you may have a pair of basic ballerinas, but does it have studs on? Yeap, an other pair wouldn't hurt so much, would it? And the russian doll effect goes on and on. This is typically me, typically you or typically every single girl around the globe. It is ok if you spend wisely though, and Guess is a brand worth putting your money on, as its shoe designs are always well-constructed and up-to-date to the latest trends. Wedged booties, smart flats and killer heels, everything under the umbrella called Guess by Marciano. I definitely approve of their designs and I am really into these studded booties featured below. And I really like these Mary Janes. And that color purple. Seriously, stop me now.
all images are property of Spartoo.Gr

Have a fashionable week, you all!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Welcome Home Sweethearts

I have always loved girls who gracefully walk in their sky-high heels from morning to night. Of course, we have to pay special attention to g-r-a-c-e-f-u-l-l-y, as this is not always the case. As much as I love heels, I usually walk around in my Nikes or Converse, just to be able to stand all day long. On a night out I can walk around in my 12cm for hours, but I really have to make my life easier in everyday situations. There are sometimes though, that you have to look like a grown up woman, not a belated teen; for this reason, I had to do some more compromising choices, like a pair of posh looking, flat boots. In the place I live, I don't have the array of choices I need to have while shopping, but thanks to the net world and its endless capabilities, Spartoo.Gr was there for me, once again!
At first, I started looking for a flat pair, but I am not really easy at that. There were many pairs I liked, but I wasn't sure, because I thought of buying a high-heeled pair as well, that would be easy to walk around in my everyday life. And -tadaaahhhh!- Buffalo London did its tricks and my quest for two different pairs, has been incorporated in one. It is wedged, it is nicely pointed, it is 11cm tall and I feel like wearing a common flat pair. Walkable enough, not to mention the fine leather it is made of. Buffalo Heylen, if you want to take a look at Spartoo, and I am pretty sure you'll love it as much as I do. Enjoy your shopping sweethearts, my babies are home for good!
Can't wait to hear from you!


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Weekend Mood On

russell athletic tee, nike sweatpants
Friday night in, and -God-it feels so good. Over the last 5 hours I've done my hair (it was raining all week and I totally looked like a psycho), had a manicure, browsed my favorite blogs, watched a couple of Breaking Bad episodes, Skyped like hell and here I am now drinking green tea and eating Haribo bears. I know the lack of personal posts may be irritating at times, but I have a serious shortage of free time over the past few months; whenever I have a gap in my schedule, all I want to do is wear some kind of comfy tracksuit and see my friends. Thanks for the understanding and being there at all times, though. Blogging is something I really love as, through it, I've met a dozen of amazing people that I wouldn't normally meet. It's probably just a workaholic phase that I love to hate. I'm going to be a serious blogger back again. Not sure when, but I will. 

Big kiss, 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Little Story About Uggs

It seems like yesterday, when I started noticing celebrities wearing their Juicy velours tucked in some kind of horribly designed sheep boots, that didn't seem to flatter even the shapest of bodies. And then again. And again. And I promised my self that I would never be that kind of girl, that would buy conviniently ugly shoes in the expense of femininity. And I kept my promise for many years to come.

People say "never say never" though, and I wasn't the exception to the rule. It was a day of 2009, middle August, in my two-month summer vacation in Sweden (sweden is NEVER too hot, believe me). I was up and down the streets all day/ night long, helping my dad with work, seeing friends and relatives, shopping blah-blah-blah. In a normal day at the shops, I came across a shoe store, and I decided to take a look. There came the shelves with the hideous shoes. I was like, "seriously, there can't be such fuss for THESE, I really must be missing something" and I decided to try on pair, just to search for the magic factor. And there it was. My swollen feet stepped on cloud of happiness. And I started telling myself, never to judge a book by its cover again. And I didn't want to take them off, but I eventually did, to return the next day to buy my first pair. Three years later, here comes my latest purchase. In the picture you can see me two days ago, on the bus, for my long weekend. Cozy, fluffy and still ugly, but what the hell?
all images are property of Spartoo.Gr

I know boys hate them, my boyfriend thinks they look cute but funny, and I am here to agree, but enough is enough, there are some days in my life when all I want to do is wear a pair of black tights, a fluffy sweater and a pair of new Uggs, just to have a cup of warm chocolate in my favorite coffee house. And if men do not really like it, let them wait for me, until I am on my stilettos again. 

That simple!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Be-Wedged Via Spartoo.Gr

all images are property of Spartoo.Gr
In summer, we -girls- are usually very much into wedges. They come in many heights, designs and colors, and they give females the opportunity to walk around in heels without getting tired. I am a huge fan of wedged shoes as well, just because I adore heels, but I don't live in the Sex and the City world, and I have to run around the city as a normal working girl, that doesn't want to sacrifice femininity for the sake of comfort. Do I want it all? Well, why not.

And as if there is a God of fashion, my plea for a comfortable pair of heels was heeded, and there they are; wedged sandals gave their turn to wedged booties, and Isabel Marant has drawn the way to make wedged trainers a must for the urban fashionista. Suede ones, like the Betty London pair, Ash and Esprit, are perfect for those cold but dry, sunny winter days. They will keep your feet warm and stylish. Not to mention the leather versions, like the Guess pair or the Ugg one, that will be your daily ally, no matter how harsh weather conditions can be. And last, but most lovable of all, the Nike Sky Hi, a pair that I would never expect to be designed by a company like Nike, which is strictly dedicated to purely athletic designs. I've already placed my order, it's a black, wedged pair of boots, which I am going to show you right by the time it arrives home. 

Winter is close, 
but let's not make it sound THAT bad.

Love you all!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Αt the moment

victoria's secret tee, nike sweatpants and shoes
Well, long time no see, huh? I've just realised there's no greatest luxury than having the opportunity to be lazy, at least for a day, and that is exactly what I needed after a "time-flies-faster-than-the-wind" week. Speaking about the spur of the moment, this is everything I have done today; first of all, I managed to sleep for 8 straight hours. Shopped for groceries -hello Martha Stewart-, had coffee with my beloved friends, did a thousand ab exercises by laughing my heart out (the best kind of exercise in the world), made a delicious apple-plum pie, styled my hair and here I am now, twitting, blogging and browsing magazines. The world gets shittier day by day, so, why not enjoy life at its simplest form?

Have an amazing Saturday night.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Marc By Marc Jacobs Bliss via Spartoo.Gr

I am pretty sure you'll all recognize that handsome guy featured below, and who wouldn't? Marc Jacobs, the face behind the homonymous fashion house and creative director of Louis Vuitton since 2007, has never failed to cause style goosebumps to every fashion-wise woman worldwide. And I am here to put his difussion line -Marc by Marc Jacobs- in the limelight as, personally speaking, the certain line embodies the motto "value for money". Designs are really fashion-ahead, the materials used underline the need for a new word to describe quality, and the price range is quite affordable for every woman seeking a designer pair of shoes without intending to break the bank.
I really enjoy his everyday designs, like the wedged booties that look great with jeans and cozy sweaters, just like I adore those gorgeous-for-a-night-out sequined loafers, that will look amazing with any kind of fancy outfit. And of course, Marc Jacobs has managed to make an affordable version of the greatly coveted high-heeled sneaker of the season, in the perfect shade of emerald green. And last -I usually refer to my favorite pieces in the last part of every article- those biker boots, made with these buttery-soft leather materials, that will certainly make you caress them for a while, before trying them on. Not to mention Chiarra Ferragni's most favorite ballerina shoe of all time, the mouse flats, enhanced with studs (what else?) for this season. The choice is yours!
Have a great week, you all!

Monday, October 29, 2012

What's Up Doc? via Spartoo.Gr

Dr.Martens, the so-called British footwear brand, has been founded by Klaus Martens who used to be a doctor during World War II. His deep belief that army boots were way too uncomfortable for any kind of activity urged him to create a pair of boots with air-cushioned soles, by taking some leather from a cobbler's shop, after the end of the war. The success he dreamt of was out of sight, until he met up with an old university friend of his, Dr.Herbert Funck. He liked the basic idea of Marten's design and together they hit the shoe business, with 80% of sales in the first decade going to women over the age of 40. Over the years, sales have grown so much that the Doc Martens company -during 2012- was assessed as being the eighth fastest growing British company. Over 100 millions of pair have been sold over these 50 years, making the company to offer more than 250 different models during the last two years.
all images are property of Spartoo.Gr
Either you would love a core black pair, or you would stick to their classic burgundy one, the choices are endless. Personally, I like the edgy designs, like the Union Jack and the bold magenta pair, but for me, I would choose a classic grey pair that would look good with anything. Either a yummy mummy, like Gwen Stefani or Jessica Alba, or a super stylish teen, like Lourdes Leon, Hollywood seems to accentuate the fact that with the appropriate outfit, Dr.Martens can look good in every age group. Their design has survived over the pass of time, and that is a fact that can't be overseen. They look cute, they are durable (believe me, they get more precious as the years go by) and they will never look outdated. And when worn by Gwen, I have no right to object. 

Have a great week ladies and gentlemen!


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Spreading Colors

vero moda knit, hm trousers, lv purse, leather chucks from Spartoo.Gr
Throughout my teenage years, I used to a-d-o-r-e the color black. Black shoes, black jeans, black accessories, I had been thinking that black is the color of elegance; and maybe it is. The last three, maybe four, years though a huge change happened. I still buy some basic pieces in the certain shade (some people insist that black doesn't belong to the color spectrum) like shoes, LBDs, leather jackets and so on, but I simply cannot stand total black outfits. When the fun factor is missing, nothing seems good enough, isn't it? That's why I keep buying vividly colored garments, just to brighten up my days- enough is enough with all those bad news concerning the country and the economy. As the most favorite Greek poet of mine -maybe THE poet, Odysseus Elytis- had said "When you can't find spring, all you have to do is create it". And who am I to disagree?

Create your own spring,

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Up To A Green Bill via Spartoo.Gr

I've never been the kind of girl who would spend a fortune on a pair of shoes, firstly because when I have an extra respectable amount of money in my bank account, I decide to buy a new purse, and secondly, I prefer to have fun in my shoes, and that means not having to constatly take care of my steps. And -heel yeah- when it comes to shoes, I have to admit that I'm quite of a destroyer. That is why I have set the limit of 300e (and that is valid only for something I am dying for), which allows me to buy quality shoes that I can keep for many years, without adding an extra angst factor in my life. Νo matter what, there are some times that we -girls- want an extra, new, stylish pair of feet ornaments that will make our days a bit more fun, and that means that we have to keep our budgets on a low standard. Don't worry, I have done half of the work for you! I've collected some amazing pieces for less than 50 euros, that can change your mood without breaking the bank.
 all images are property of Spartoo.Gr
Either you need a pair of wellies, or a suede pair of pumps, you can take a look on my choices. I have to admit that I hate cheaply designed shoes, but the ones I chose do not look like this, at all. And if spending less that 50 euros seems too little for you, I have made some extra choices, reaching the top of 100 euros. At that point, it would be worth mentioning that I found it really difficult to decide over that plethora of choices, and that is why I have featured more pairs than I had to. The majority of them are made of real leather, and you'll keep those in your shoe closets for many seasons to come. Pairs of great style, studded or not, in suede or waxed leather, they will be a great company during humid winter days. All you have to do is take a look and try to decide. 
all images are property of Spartoo.Gr

Have you made your choices yet?


Monday, October 15, 2012

(Ι) Love Moschino by Spartoo.Gr

all images are property of Spartoo.Gr
Franco Moschino founded his brand back in the 1980s. His innovative, colorful designs made the Moschino Ηouse widely known as the happiest brand in the fashion scene (along with Sonia Rykiel, I would add). After his death, his chief assistant -Rossella Jardini-  became creative director and filled Mr. Moscino's shoes up to present. The former Moschino Jeans diffusion line, was renamed Love Moschino at the end of the previous decade; in essence though, nothing seemed strong enough to change Mr. Moschino's intense desire for quality and perfection.

I am really into fashion history, and I enjoy learning any kind of trivia for all these people who had the power to affect public expression through everyday things, like shoes and accessories. For me, Moschino embodies the concept of positive outlook to life (just remember all these cute little hearts, bows, penguins, heart studs and the list is never ending), in accordance to the needs of the contemporary woman. And I have never bought a pair of Moschinos that I didn't wear to death, because of their top of the top quality materials, which are combined with that amazing sense of comfort. Enjoy their new collection in Spartoo.Gr.


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Style Nirvana for Russell Athletic

Russell Athletic has been the synonym of college chic, for more than a century, writing the first line of its history in sweet home Alabama, back in the 1900s, by an aspiring 26 year old man, named Benjamin Russell. Ever since, the house of Russell Athletic, going through thick and thin and after facing World War II, managed to be one of the basic suppliers for every major athletic event in the States, like the Major League Baseball and NFL. Today, with more than 14.000 dedicated employees, Russell Athletic is here to confirm that legends exist.
Personally speaking, I have always adored casual chic outfits and I never underestimate the value of nice fitting and cozy sportswear. For me, Russell clothing embodies the prerequisites of the perfect sports ensemble. Quality, soft materials and easygoing spirit all in one. Take a look at some of my favorite shots of their FW12 lookbook, and get ready to raid their online store. Plus, don't forget to like their Facebook page, in order to be up-to-date with their latest news and offers. 
(God, there's nothing I love more than men with basketball outfits. Ughm, I have my reasons.)

Big Kiss.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Teach Me How To Dougie by Spartoo.Gr

Ever since I was a little girl, every fall started with the purchase of a new pair of shoes for my PE course. At first, my pair of choice would be sparkly, glittery and -of course- lighted at the back. And every time the hallucination remained the same: I thought that my trainers were helping me run faster than anyone. In my teens, glittery shoes gave their turn to the latest Nike models, either they were called Nike Air, Nike Uptempo or Nike Whatever. A decade later, guess what? Some things remain the same; not only my devotion to Nike's wit, but also the fact that I still believe that I run faster when I wear a new pair of shoes
And there they are, right at my door! After wearing my Nike Skylines to death (these shoes never seem to get old), a new design came to steal my heart, those Nike Air Force 1 beauties in bright red. I know, they seem awkward at the beginning but they look like the perfect match for my lazy outfits. I really couldn't decide about the colour; I find the pure white Air Force 1 divine, but I couldn't resist the crazy colour combo featured above. Plus, they come with a second pair of black shoe laces, so you can make the whole outfit look more neutral. Not to mention that my boyfriend and my best friend keep an eye on the white pair, and I really want to avoid the moment that we'll meet for a coffee, wearing the same shoes in 38, 48 and 42 correspondingly. 
Plus, in Spartoo.Gr I can always have my package right at my door, in 5 working days, free returns and payments are more flexible than any other on-line shop. Spartoo, here I am, your golden member and a true devotee.

What is your most recent purchase?

Froso M.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Autumn Yet?

vero moda dress, vintage purse, bcbg shoes
Time goes on and on, but summer seems quite unwilling to give its turn to autumn. I am not sure whether I like it or not, the only thing I am sure about is that I don't have the time to reorganise my closet. So, I guess, summer is good for now. I am trying to get used to my new schedule, which is quite sadistic I have to say, as I squeezed everything in four days just to be free the other three (I have some things going on at the moment, but I'd rather play it mysterious), so my day begins at 7:45am and ends a couple of hours after midnight. Dead. Just like now. I need a beautysleep honeys, so nighty night!  I'm looking forward to your comments, as always.


Monday, October 1, 2012

All The Bag Ladies in Spartoo.Gr

all images are property of Spartoo.Gr
According to my way of thinking, every woman suffers many syndromes in her life; the most common ones are the Cinderella syndrome (the shoes are never enough) or the "Carrying My Life Around, Still Looking Fabulous" according to which the bag you carry defines your ego in the society (that's me, obviously). A purse doesn't need to be made from a designer house, but it -sure as hell- needs to be made from the finest materials in order to make you look classy and sassy. 

If you follow Style Nirvana for quite a long time, you may have noticed my passion for designer purses or small vintage treasures that I love to discover in my raids to small vintage stores. And that is because, the value of a fine leather bag (which may cost from 150 bucks to infinity and beyond) will show off itself time after time. That is why I never find it exaggerating to spend a respectable amount of money from time to time, in order to get a dream purse, a purse that will make my Zara dresses look like Prada, and will transform my sloppy gym outfits to casual chic combinations. I mean, come on! Boys are not ashamed to spent a month's salary over a phone!!! Plus, your purse will never run the danger of a broken screen, or you'll never be betrayed by an exhausted battery.

Your turn now:
what's your budget limit for a quality purse?

Can't wait to hear your fabulous opinions.
Froso M.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Beauty Haul

I have to admit, when it comes to beauty I am a complete rookie. I just know how to use some basic techniques (I am asked by many girls though, to tutor them about my eyeliner techniques, and that is something I am proud of, be sure) but I really avoid experimenting. I always keep an eye on beauty blogs (Artemis, Stavroula, Irene, Evi, Sofia, Sophia I would buy tons of crap if it wasn't for you girls) and I love learning all those tips, in order to act smartlike in front of my girlfriends (evil laughter).

In the past, I used to be a real YSL and Dior make up fan, but as I got older I realised that the packaging was way more expensive than the inside, so I started to focus on exclusive make up brands like Mac, Bobbi Brown and -of course- my beloved Benefit cosmetics, that put the emphasis on the product they sell, not the fancy outside. So, let's take a look at my latest purchases:

  • Chloe Eau De Parfum I am not the person to stay faithful in a scent, but this one managed the unattainable: to make me buy a third bottle. If you happen to smell it, you have to know it's Froso.
  • They're Real Mascara, Benefit Searching for the right mascara is like a race. All I need is volume and intense color, but it seems to be quite difficult for a quest. That one is really good, but the bristles are a bit tough. I love the result though. Length, volume and black colour, all in one.
  • Naked 2 by Urban Decay This one is pure love, and it magically landed in Sephora some days before I was ready to buy it online. It's perfect, but I bet that's old news. It comes with a tiny lip gloss, which I'll be bying for sure. It stays on for hours and the consistency is not sticky at all. Almost as good as the Dior Addict lipglosses (I love them forever).
  • The PoreFessional by Benefit This one promised to do wonders, but I see no difference at all (sorry Benefit!). Maybe it's because I don't have a problematic skin complexion, but still I see no difference when I use it. An extra negative point: too pricey for that small quantity.
  • Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Make-Up by Benefit This is the perfect make up, for every girl that hates the cakey effect most foundations create when applied. A boost of radiance and health. I will buy it again, that's for sure.
  • Erase & Paste Concealer by Benefit My dark circles are the beauty problem of my life. This one is quite good, but you have to be in control of the quantity you use, because you only need a little bit of product. But, no matter how good it is, I hate sticking my hands in the product. And I hate that little spatula, too. It would be better if it was packaged in a tube.
  • High Beam by Benefit Go buy it, now! If you know how to use it properly, your face will look like a VS model's in pictures. And I never exaggerate about beauty products, you have to know.
  • Mythic Oil by L'Oreal I love its smell, I love the results, I love its feel, I love everything about it. My second bottle, as well.
  • Mythic Oil Hair Mask Just as good as the Hair Oil, you will not believe in your eyes. Hair looks smooth and shiny, as if you just came out from the most expensive hair salon.
  • Isadora Flex Tip Eye Liner The easiest to glide, with a really long stay result. A big plus: great quality for such a cheap product. Your eye-liner brush will no longer be needed.
  • Korres Kohl Eye Liner It's Greek, it's top quality and I love using it to create smudgy looks.
(Well, that was my first beauty post and I hope you like it)
Oh, and I would love to learn about your favorite products.

Froso M.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Singing in the Rain via Spartoo.Gr

all images are property of Spartoo.Gr
Autumn started a bit abruptly this year, with chilly weather and sudden showers. And it's up to you, whether you'll stay at home, being grumpy or whether you'll put on your stylish wellies and splash into any possible pothole (I do it all the time). So, September is the month you realize the deep need for a pair of shoes that will keep your feet nice and dry. Ever since the duke of Wellington used them as a prerequisite for his hunting trips, not to mention Kate Moss and her unforgettable Coachella looks, those jelly beauties, in every possible color, are definately here to stay. Hunters made a huge boom into the market by the 2000s, and now they come in an endless array of designs and colors. And that was just a start, as many other -unexpected, I'd dare to say- companies, like Havaianas and Timberland have made their way to market of rainboots. They are pretty cheap too, so why choose only one? A black pair will always be there for you, but life is not just black and white; pick a bold pair and make those grey days a bit brighter.

Have a lovely autumn, you guys!
(and don't forget to sing in the rain)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bidding Farewell

seven jeans, hm top, gina tricot necklace, balenciaga motorcycle, exe wedges
There we are, at the official starting point of Fall 2012. September started a bit abruptly for me, but as they say "you can't have a rainbow, without a little rain" (my planner is full of that kind of positive quotes, just for these f*****g days that everything seems to be wrong). It is the beginning of every season though, that gives everybody that fresh perspective to dream new dreams and set new goals; isn't it the essence of life, after all? No matter those sad incidents we all have to face from time to time (we are humans, never forget about that), the important thing is to have all these amazing people by your side, that will make your day a bit brighter. With a silly joke, with a call, even with a cup of coffee.
Search for the silver lining.
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